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Executive Summary 


We’ve seen the emergence of globally recognized brands in the NFT space.

Their growth has been accelerated by the crowd-funded mint model, the macro socio-economic effects of a global pandemic, and the passionate connection individuals have felt within Web3 while feeling profoundly isolated in their real lives. This perfect storm has led to a paradigm shift to empower certain visionaries with out-of-the-box ideas. A consumer focused tech company is more valuable when the community owns a piece. As global consciousness begins to transition to Web3 and a redefinition of ownership of our finance, data, and digital assets is cemented, big companies who have typically been overbearing about ownership rights will struggle to adapt. This leaves the door open for a new kind of company - a Web3 native company - to share its growth with its members and pursue a new kind of company growth.

“Ultimate choice maximum freedom”: TKTZ is a trading system and platform for NFT based flight tickets, secured by blockchain technology.

Nowadays, flight tickets and bookings are managed by airlines and agencies alone, and ticket changes can be done only by their restrictions and rules.

TKTZ allows EVERYONE to trade their tickets, while enabling fair trade and assure the ticket issuer enjoys fees of ANY TRANSACTION, no matter how many times it changed hands!

This is a new world where tickets can be transferred in the B TO B, B TO C, C TO C paradigm.

TKTZ is the first marketplace of its kind in the world for airline tickets! The Marketplace will allow everyone to trade and exchange their tickets, while trading fairly and securely, with both the seller and the issuer profiting from each transaction. No matter how many repeat transactions were made on the same ticket.

TKTZ is going to launch an NFT collection that will include 10K NFTs.

Holders of our NFT alone will enjoy our premium club perks: 

1- Up to 25% off (by the NFT rarity) on purchasing tickets on our platform

2- Collect points on every purchase, that can be used on the next purchase on the platform. 

3- be a part of the change and help us design the platform.


TKTZ is the first true marketplace for flight tickets. A real game-changer!

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