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TKTZ believes in a free market, sharing, & equal opportunities. You can be part of our NFT community, and benefit as an early adaptor! Let's fly to the moon!

what is TKTZ


TKTZ brings a revolutionary way to travel anytime, anywhere, booking your ticket easily with no worries.


TKTZ will allow you to trade your ticket in a free, secure, and transparent platform. We utilize blockchain tech to create flight tickets as NFTs. This allows us, and y’all, the FREEDOM TO TRANSACT and trade your tickets in a free marketplace on the TKTZ platform.


Be confident with booking any flight you want, because you can ALWAYS sell it forward!


But…why stop there?

TKTZ is a full-blown Web3 company, and we will soon be launching 10K NFT premium memberships!

The TKTZ NFTs would be premium club membership cards, with which holders would be able to get up to 25% discount for every ticket they purchase!

Yes, real utility, IRL, that holders can save and make money with, from day one of the marketplace!


In addition, holders will enjoy many more perks in the future, based on a rewarding multi-level staking mechanism and community mechanics that we will happily reveal in the coming weeks and months. At this point, we can reveal that staking would influence the level of discount holders can get on the TKTZ platform, in addition to other holders-only benefits.


We care about your opinion, we are going to buidl with the community. Holders can take part in designing our platform.


Our collection is not about JPEGs, it's about real assets, a real product, and a real business, and we are looking for enthusiastic PPL, NFT tech visionaries, and revolutionaries, to join us.
Our NFT holders are gonna be bold early adopters. Your personality will get you in our WL. Apply now and let's have a chat...

Soon we'll reveal our NFTs. The NFT will grant you the most exclusive partnership in this journey.

Don't just hold an NFT - Make a difference!

our NFT
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Using a combination of Enterprise-Grade Blockchain and modular micro-service architecture, TKTZ created a secured and transparent system in accordance with the strictest compliance requirements. This allows TKTZ to disrupt the legacy user experience and business processes of the aviation industry.


With a direct connection to the multiple GDS (Global Distribution Systems), TKTZ can verify and update critical passengers and flights information, and inform in real time all the relevant parties while storing the information on an immutable ledger to ensure data integrity.

Once all the information is collected, the checksum of all the information is hashed using double SHA256 hashing to ensure maximal privacy.

This Hash is then stored in the ledger along with the user ID to ensure information integrity.

To learn more, go ahead and dig into our Whitepaper

Our design partners

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We are IATA licensed

the team

TEAM 22 (and growing) passionate folks


A healthy blend of tech and research veterans, aviation experts, brilliant artists, and web3 enthusiasts (some degens, too!)

Here are some of those big brains:

Jonas Barenfeld


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Amos Seri-Levi


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Michael Molotsky


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Tony Schwartz


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Sarit Kraus


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Lior Chorev


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Daniel Allon


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Odin Peretz


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We are looking for co-pilots.

Are you a Web3 dev? An NFT diamond? A degen?

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Q: If one does not intend to purchase flight tickets, why would they buy the NFT?


A: We encourage all NFT holders to use the platform, as this is how the NFTs were conceptualized and this is how our hoders would extract the moost value of their membership, as our NFT project is focused on utility. That being said, there are no restrictions regarding the NFT.


Q: Can a person buy more than one NFT?


A: There is no limit on the number of NFTs one can purchase.


Q: How many NFTs can a person mint?

A: Each wallet can mint 2 NFTs.


Q: How can you change flights that are unchangeable/ nonrefundable?

A: In the current model, airlines must pay to the global data systems (GDS) for reselling/changing tickets. In addition, it’s an operational hustle for them.
TKTZ changes the model using blockchain technology, in a way that not only would not charge the airlines, but actually help them make money from every reselling. In addition, as a certified IATA (The International Air Transport Association) operator, we have been granted access to major flights DB’s, so we save the airlines the hustle and they don’t have to work on changes on their side.
We are currently partnering with few major airlines and will onboard more and more of them in the near future.


Q: How much would the NFT cost?

A: We will reveal the price and date in a few weeks. We plan to have an affordable mint, while at the same time reflect the fact that our NFT is worth money to our holders as our premium members.

Q: Why should I buy now instead of in the future when you are fully operational?

A: As we reach our business and community milestones, we are confident that the price of our NFT’s would appreciate in value. In addition, we are going to introduce a staking mechanism

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Check out our roadmap

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Staking Off... 

open suitcase

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Tickets marketplace Launch

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Building with the community - HQ visit

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Business-class collaborations 

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Last call for WL passengers

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Launch website & Discord

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Launch of the WL challenge

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TKTZ platform Beta 

now 8

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Utility Airdrop out of thin air

bon voyage

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Mint Day

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Real flight party

don't miss it!!! 

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Flight extras collabs

and it's not gonna end here...

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